We design high-quality and affordable web design solutions for tattoo & body piercing shops

Looking for a web design studio to help your promote your tattoo and body piercing shop ? Look no further. At Coolwebdesigns2go here in Los Angeles, we have 7 years experiences working with several highly reputable tattoo parlors like Studio City Tattoo in LA and Dame of the West Tattoo in Scottsdale, Arizona..

WordPress Website Packages starts at $ 895

Are you a solo tattoo artist starting your own shop ? Get my WordPress/Cloud Hosting website package which includes 4 pages,2 posts, and Social Media links for under a $1000. WordPress is the top CMS program that loads fast and gets excellent organic traffic.

Consultations are free. Send me an email to webdesigner2go@gmail.com
Please ask for Elle at 213 290-3180

Some of our current clients

Studio City Tattoo & Body Piercing, Lake Arrowhead Tattoo, Dame of the West

Studio City Tattoo It was awesome working with Josh Carter and his team of talented artists at Dame of the West in Scottsdale, Arizona. Dame of the West Tattoo